Vetrnætur Fest

Wann: 21.10. - 22.10.2016
Wo: 101 Reykjavík (Island)
Strasse: Tryggvagata 22
Genre: Black Metal
Preis: 4000 ISK

Vetrnætur will be held for the first time on the 21st of October and 22nd of October; they mark the beginning of winter. The time is very symbolic, as it is the time of the year when all spirits travel around. In old times these days marked the beginning of the new year, where traditionally the last day of summer was on the wednesday and the first day of winter was on the saturday after. The days there in between were referred to as Veturnætur (Winter nights). This was a time for ceremonies and sacrifices, both out in public and in communities and locally at each homestead. The ceremonies were centered around the dísir and other feminine powers and spirits and can be linked to various other traditions such as Samhain and Halloween. This is why the festival will be centered mainly around ritualistic, ceremonial and traditional music, in one way or another. Join us at Gaukurinn for a magical time.

Phurpa, Lluvia, Our Survival Depends On Us, Lunar Mantra, Misþyrming, Nyiþ, Nornahetta, Abominor, Naðra, AMFJ, Örmagna

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