Oration Festival

Wann: 07.03. - 09.03.2018
Wo: 101 Reykjavik (Island)
Strasse: Ingólfsstræti 2a
Genre: Black Metal, Sci-Fi Grind 'n' Roll, Avantgarde Rock
Preis: VVK 12900 ISK

Iceland's premier Black Metal festival, Oration, will take place for the third and final time March 7th - 9th at Gamla Bíó, Reykjavík, Iceland.

This year's lineup boasts a daring and eclectic selection of highly esteemed Icelandic and international acts, including Norway's meditative and lo-fi 'Vemod', the French 'Aluk Todolo' who brilliantly merge krautrock and Black Metal, the Czech Republic's 'Inferno' who are redefining modern Black Metal with their sophisticated soundscapes, the UK's Death/Black Metal titans 'Abyssal' will perform their debut concert, and Norwegian avant-garde legends 'Virus'. Icelandic acts include 'Svartidauði', 'Sinmara', 'Naðra' and 'Misþyrming' to name but a few. The last editions of Oration festival have been sold out events, garnering much international praise. This final edition is sure end on the highest of notes.

Abominor, Almyrkvi, Aluk Todolo, Asagraum, Auðn, Inferno, Mannveira, Misþyrming, Naðra, NYIÞ, Sinmara, Slidhr, Sortilegia, Svartidauði, Vemod, Virus

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