Emporium Festival

Wann: 25.05.2024
Wo: 6603 KG Wijchen (Holland)
Strasse: Weg door Berendonck
Genre: Hardstyle, House, Hardcore Techno, Rawstyle, Caribbean Dance, Hip Hop, Merengue ...
Preis: VVK 61,25 €

Emporium is one of Holland's leading dance festivals, organized by Dutch dance promotor Matrixx. In 2024, the 18th edition of Emporium will be held, attracting some 25.000 people to Recreational Area De Berendonck.

Spread around the beautiful lake, 8 different genres in Electronic Dance Music are represented at the festival by the best artists of their genre. From the pumping EDM beats at the mainstage to the roughest hardcore, this makes Emporium one of the most versatile festivals in the world.

Andrew Mathers, Jengi, La Fuente, Maddix, Millean., Mr Belt & Wezol, Nicky Romero, Sam Feldt, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, B-Front, Demi Kanon, Outsiders nl, Radical Redemption, Rooler, Sound Rush, The Purge, Mc Dl, Freddy Moreira, The Darkraver, Johnny 500

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