Hadra Trance Festival

Wann: 02.09. - 04.09.2016
Wo: 3430 Vieure (Frankreich)
Genre: Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Goa, FullOn, Psybient, Psychill, Ambient ...
Preis: VVK 65 €

Hadra Trance Festival comes back !

We have been waiting for the past two years to announce the 9th edition of the Hadra Trance Festival... And now the day has finally arrived!

The 2014 edition was the best festival yet? Eur?but it was also the last in Lans-en-Vercors after we lost the support of the municipality following the March 2014 election of a new town council majority.

We spent the next 2 years trying to pursue as best we could the projects of the association without the activities of the festival. And we never stopped searching all across France for a new festival venue? Eur?two years of talks, visits, meetings, false hopes and, far too often, systematic refusals.

Would the 2014 edition really be the last Hadra festival?
We refused to believe it!

And so, here we are!

After 2 long years of searching, we finally found our hidden gem nestled in a haven of greenery in France's Allier department, at the lake ("plan d'eau") in the municipality of Vieure. The town will as such host the grand return of a scaled-down version of the Hadra Trance Festival. Changes to our economic model, a new partnership with the "Association du plan d'eau de Vieure" and the very short turn-around time have indeed pushed us to organize a smaller scale event in 2016, with fewer people over a shorter time. In the hope of seeing our event endure and flourish in its new home, the festival will this year be a more intimate gathering to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Hadra association. The festival will take place over two days, from 4pm on Friday, 2 September until 4pm on Sunday, 4 September, with a maximum capacity of 6000 people.

How better than 3 days and 2 nights to celebrate Hadra's return and 15 years of musical activism devoted to psytrance culture?

Cubic Spline, Curious Detail, DJoanna, Dreamstalker, D-Root, Frantic Noise, Gaspard, Djane Gina vs. Dj Yamaga, Itchy & Scratchy, Kasadelica, Moonquake, OddWave vs. Kokmok, Originz, Psysex, R2, Sator Arepo, Shakta, Vert3x, Waio, XP Voodoo, Yamato, Akasha Experience, AstroPilot, Benzinho, D.Rec, DJ Chaï

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