Sonica Festival

Wann: 18.07. - 22.07.2018
Wo: 33090 Tramonti di Sopra (Italien)
Genre: Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Psydub, Electronic, Psy Dub, Techno, Chillout, Psycore, Progressive Psytrance ...
Preis: VVK 125 €

Sonica Festival edution. 2018 is dedicated to the mythological water fairies called Aganis who live around rivers, lakes and torrents, according to the ancient local traditions.

These creatures have a bivalent meaning, being often described or as young and seductive female figures, wearing white dresses representing the fertility of Mother Earth, other times described as old and disabled women, half-human, half-reptile or half-fish, symbolizing the loss of the physical integrity because of their connective power with the supernatural dimension to predict the future.

Lis Aganis are devoted priestess to the Divine Nature, Mother of all life, represented by the Water and by the Forest that cyclically regenerate, so including both the antithetical values of good and bad, of old and young, of life and death, not to be perceived as opposites, but in a immanent sense, as well as the cyclical changing of the seasons or like the constant water-flowing.

They are strictly connected with the ancestral knowledge, also related to herbal nutrition and medicine, at same way shamans do in the contemporary age, including the veganism and the ayurvedic healthcare philosophy.

Enter Lis Aganis world and come to discover their secrets on the shores of the Meduno river, at Sonica's magical venue.

Aardvarkk, Acid Mind, Altruism, Animalien, Antonymous, Arjuna, Bahar Canca, Burn In Noise, Clov, Confo, Cubixx, Damzah, Daksinamurti, Dharma, Dickster, Diego, Diksha, Dr Space, Dirty Saffi, Dsompa, Earthling, Elowinz, Farebi Jalebi, Flooting Grooves, Fog, Fungus Funk, Dj Ganesh, Gaspard, Gino, Giuseppe

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