Raut Oak Fest

Wann: 28.06. - 30.06.2019
Wo: 82418 Riegsee (Deutschland)
Strasse: Am Weidenacker 1
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Trash Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Noise Rock, Psychedelic Punk, Alternative Blues Rock ...
Preis: VVK 99 €

About the Raut Oak Fest!

The first Raut-Oak Fest happened in 2011. It was founded as a divorce-fest.
Surprisingly, it was so much fun, the fest was repeated in 2012 and 2013 with the first 2 live bands.

In 2014, the Raut-Oak Fest had to take a break.. With the permission of Mr. Chris Johnson, I was allowed to call the Fest; Deep Blues Fest.

However, considering the fact that "deep blues" is kind of a sureal thing for many and some see the word "Blues" and are expecting some sort of "mainstream blues", I had to find a different way/name for the fest to appeal to more people.

The Raut-Oak Fest is providing underground music for open-minded folks, who are into punk-blues,garage-rock-blues, just raw and dirty. music!

In 2019 the shows will be on 28 - 30 of July.

20 Watt Tombstone, Eight Rounds Rapid, Guadalupe Plata, Dyse .., James Leg, The yawpers, Pelo Mono, Radio Moscow, Left Lane Cruiser, The Pack A.D., Repetitor, The Darts, Demob Happy, Lonesome Shack, Pretty Lightning, Williams Wetsox

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