Wann: 02.07. - 04.07.2010
Wo: 301 44 Spalene Porici (Tschechien)
Genre: Metal, Rock, Punk, Ska
Preis: 32,20 Eur

Basinfirefest – it is 3 days, 3 scenes and about 80 bands, pleasant atmosphere and background for both bands and fans and moreover beer only for eur 1,20 (0,5 l).

Basinfirefest 2010 proudly announced the first headliner – one of the world top 5 thrashmetal bands – Testament from California. The band with charicmatic frontman Chuck Billy will come to present their last successfull album The Formation of Demnation.

Redemption are considered to be one of the best progressive metal bands worldwide. Their show at Basinfirefest 2010 will be the first in Czech Republic ever.

The first summer holiday festival in Czech Republic takes place from 2nd to 4th July 2010. The place remains the same for the 8th time in the row. It is Spalene Porici near Plzen, only 100 kms far from the beautiful capital Prague. The festival regularly offers iteresting foreign headliners, newcomers and also the top rock, metal, ska and punk bands from the country and the neigbouring Slovakia.

Dope Stars Inc. from Italy will change the place into the cyberspace during their performance. D2 from Bulgary are the number one band in their country and are often compared to Foo Fighters. For thrashmetal fans Darkane (swe), Destinity (fra) and Nightrage (swe) or German Emergency Gate are coming. From Norway there will be metalcore massacre Insense and heavymetal Thunderbolt. From deathmetal rank Basinfirefest presnets Dylath-leen from France. Since the festival is not only metal but offers also ska and punk formations, Green Frog Feet from Germany confirmed their gig here.

More bands and detailed information are available at the official festival website

Testament, Dope Stars Inc., Redemption, Aurora, D2, Darkane, Destinity, Dylath-leen, Emergency Gate, Green Frog Feet, Insense, Nightrage, Thunderbolt

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Festivalticker: Basinfirefest
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