Goulash Disko

Wann: 07.09. - 10.09.2016
Wo: 21485 Komiža (Kroatien)
Genre: Global Bass, Balkan, Electronic, Dub, Electro Swing, Balkan Reggae, Psydub, Trobical Beats, Post Punk, Global Beats, Ska, Drum & Bass, Bassmusic, Reggae, Gypsy, Gypsy Punk, Global Beat ...
Preis: VVK 100 €

Goulash Disko is a big family of beautiful souls, sharing the same love for music from the Global Underground. Crowdfunded, independent and sponsor free, the festival is an intimate gathering that truly belongs to its people...A magical experience combining positive music, virgin nature and collective awesomeness...

The festival will take place on 7/8/9/10 september 2016, plus the traditional opening night on the 6th, and most likely one extra day on the 11th. Since the location is absolutely awesome, we advise everyone to stay there for a week or more, and approach the journey as proper summer holidays...

Gypsy Disco, My Bad Sister, Fokus, Manushka, No Ice Cream Sound, Timboletti, Tannu Tuwa, Waggles, Al Lindrum, Rafael Aragon, Gypsy Ska Orquesta, Haris Pilton, Balkan Hotsteppers, Buffo's Wake, DJ Darius Darek, Fanfara Electronica, Jinx in Dub, La Selva, Umoja, Spinforth, Erwin & Edwin, Dr. Smeđi Šećer

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