Wann: 14.04.2018
Wo: 3084 BA Rotterdam (Holland)
Strasse: Ahoyweg 10
Genre: Hardcore Techno, Frenchcore, Thrashcore
Preis: VVK 42,75 €

The most deadly gathering enters the next phase. Thousands embraced the venomous sound of high speed hardcore. Now, it will claim the throne in a monstrous new location.

The pristine arena will witness the ear-shattering legion of noisemakers. Join the uprise and march towards the 'Kingdom of Cobra'. Snakepit will be bigger than ever before.

Angerfist, Partyraiser, Miss K8, N-Vitral, Dr. Peacock, Destructive Tendencies, Deadly Guns, D-Fence, Drokz, F.Noize, Sefa, The Sickest Squad, Andy the Core, Noisekick, DRS, Lady Dammage, MC Tha Watcher

Weitere Infos:
Festivalticker: Snakepit
Website: Snakepit

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