Wann: 28.09. - 30.09.2018
Wo: 8052 Fehervarcsurgo (Ungarn)
Strasse: Petöfi u.2
Genre: Klassik
Preis: 3000 HUF

The Quartettissimo European String Quartet Festival is organized this year for the ninth time by the Joseph Károlyi Foundation in cooperation with Pro Quartet and the support of the French Institute in Budapest and the City Council of Székesfehérvár. The aim of this Festival remains the development of classic music culture in Hungary - outside the capital Budapest - and more specifically the string quartet music, in order to attract younger audience toward less known musical practices and foster young musicians' international contacts, as each year this festival invites foreign artists and famous lecturers. The Joseph Károlyi Foundation wishes to contribute to restore the great Hungarian string quartet tradition.

Quatuor Yako, Doležal Quartet

Weitere Infos:
Festivalticker: Quartettissimo
Website: Quartettissimo

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