WAO Festival

Wann: 13.08. - 19.08.2019
Wo: 05010 San Venanzo (Italien)
Strasse: Strada Statale 317
Genre: Psytrance, Ambient, Reggae, Dark Psytrance, Global Bass, Psytrance Reggae, Dark Progressive Trance, Ethno Trance, Dub, Progressive Trance ...
Preis: VVK 140 €

6 blissful days of psychedelic arts and culture in the breathtaking frame of Central Italy

WAO Festival aims to spread environmental awareness in order to enable its participants to live their life in a more mindful, respectful way towards the environment and its inhabitants.

We believe that permaculture is a great tool for human beings to learn how to behave and enjoy the goods of planet Earth, while respecting its balance and the other creatures.

We aim to integrate the permaculture principles into the festival experience, so that our participants can feel they're part of the natural environment hosting us. That's what "We Are One" means to us deeply.

The entire project is focused on bringing together visionary arts, eco-architecture, conscious nutrition, organic food production and sustainable energy.

We invite you to join our 5-day celebrations and experience the alternative lifestyle we propose through the principles of unity, peace, creativity and sustainability.

The Cultural Area at WAO Festival is a permanent laboratory for environmental sustainability and a multi-disciplinary space dedicated to the development and promotion of initiatives in the fields of eco-architecture and permaculture.

Our cultural activities are focused on how to project permaculture in all the aspects of our lives, giving examples of ancient farming and building techniques, modern organic farming, responsible tourism and open source business solutions.

We apply the principles of sustainability to the organization of WAO as much as we can. Throughout the years, we have increased the amounts of solar/wind energy, biofuels and organic food employed in the event production, as well as the number of composting toilets and sustainable shade structures. As we grow together with the support of our participants and the modern technologies, we aim to make WAO completely off-the-grid.

WAO Festival encourages the growth of each individual's mindfulness of being part of one moltitude. Through the exchange of experiences and information, we will guide each other to fulfill our full potential, reaching for co-creating a positive future for the current generations and for the ones to come.

Zion Train, Clozee, Aes Dana, Greg Hilight, Eat Static, Sensient, Hypogeo, Terranoise, Regan, Lucas, Liftshift, Mandala, Lsdirty, Dust, Zzbing, Will O Wisp, Loonacy, Delirium Tremens, Spectra Sonics, Hatta, Anakis, Digoa, Psygroo, Phobos Psy, Parasect, Govinda, Fog, Marek, Dr Space, Navarro, Acid Mind

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