Odense Blomsterfestival

Wann: 13.08. - 16.08.2020
Wo: 5000 Odense (Dänemark)
Genre: Gemischt
Preis: Kostenlos

Odense Flower Festival welcomes everyone to a fantastic and popular floral paradise with art, culture and entertainment for the whole family on the 13th - 16th of August 2020.

Explore the streets of Odense and get inspired when Odense Flower Festival transforms the city center into a floral paradise under the theme "On a time travel: that brings focus on time"

We all travel through time and the clocks and dates remind us that everything is in motion. Sometimes we have enough time, sometimes we do not. But we are always somewhere between the past, the future and the present. We are on a journey towards new times, new goals and new possibilities.

Odense Flower Festival have been on a time travel for more than two decades and have created both beautiful, inspiring, creative and exciting experiences for several generations of festival guests throughout the passed years.

This year Odense Flower Festival invites everyone to join us on an exciting time travel where we focus on changes, development and peaceful moments. Experience how green, creative fingers interpret the theme of the year and enchants Odense city into one big floral paradise that with guarantee will bring you new perspectives on time and life!

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