A Nightmare In Germany

Wann: 11.11.2023
Wo: 46047 Oberhausen (Deutschland)
Strasse: Mülheimer Str. 4
Genre: Hardcore Techno, Hard Dance ...
Preis: VVK 29,99 €

What started in March 1998 at the Tarm Center-Bochum, looks back on 25 years of hardcore history today.
Countless DJ's have played at this event over the years and contributed their part to the story.
With a history of 25 years, A Nightmare in Germany is undoubtedly one of the oldest German hardcore concepts.
At this point we would like to say a special "thank you" to the thousands of visitors who made these events unforgettable.
We're proud to celebrate this year the 25th birthday of A Nightmare in Germany at the high-end location: Schallwerk in Oberhausen.

Promo, Endymion, G-Town Madness, JDA, Darkcontroller, Tensor & Re-Direction, Masters of Noise, Gee MC

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