Ufo Bufo

Wann: 19.06. - 23.06.2024
Wo: 747 47 Budišov nad Budišovkou (Tschechien)
Strasse: Opavská 52
Genre: Psytrance, Progressive Psytranc, Psybient, Forest, Ambient, Psydub ...
Preis: VVK 120 €

Since 2013, we participate in an event, which became one of the the biggest czech psytrance festivals in history. 2024 the festival will take place on the same spot in Northeast of Czech Republic on 19. - 23.06.2024.
The festival is strictly non-commercial, you will not see any advertisements or sponsor logos, there will we a few carefully selected kiosks with related goods to expand local food and drink menu, as well as psychedelic clothings and accessories.

Atriohm, Chudl, Egon's Embrace, Gappeq, Grapes Of Wrath, Loopus In Fabula, Mekkanikka, Onkel Dunkel, Sourone, Cj Art, Lolla, Master Minded, Mp, Petrix, Psyrix, Tod, Neurotonal, Økapi, Tea Tree, Abyss, Ejczka, Z-aires

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